Team Fortress 2 review

Hey guys this is GryffindorGamer here to talk about Team Fortress 2 which I might record in the future.

I'm going to talk about a couple things about Team Fortress 2 well its a first person shooter, action game that does include blood, but is free on Steam. It has nine official characters. The Scout, Pyro, Soldier, Demolitionist, Heavy, Enjneer, Medic, Spy, and Sniper. This game includes many add ons to characters and includes online trading with groups, friends, and other online players. As you level up or play as a character you may get random weopons for characters. There are also fourteen diferent gamemodes, but i'll name the first three Capture the Flag, Control the Point, and Terrortial Control. The game also includes crafting with certian types of materials so you can make weapons or other things. I'll show you one of the characters voices which is the soldiers. One more funny feature to the game is taunts you can buy them at the store you can also buy items you want from the store too.

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